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Ken Smith BSR6P

Sold ! This bass is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-08-12)
Price : US $1,525.

Ken Smith BSR6P Ken Smith BSR6P Ken Smith BSR6P Ken Smith BSR6P Ken Smith BSR6P Ken Smith BSR6P Ken Smith BSR6P Ken Smith BSR6P Ken Smith BSR6P Ken Smith BSR6P Ken Smith BSR6P

This is a used 1998/1999 Ken Smith BSRP 6 string bass.  I purchased this bass at Chuck Levin's music center in Wheaton Maryland for $2700.  It has been toured with and played a great deal, and the only reason I'm letting it go is because I recently had a custom bass built for me and have no need for this one any longer.  You can find all the technical information about this bass on the ken smith site; In short it has a 5 piece bolt on neck, 3 band active EQ, active/passive controls, two Ken Smith soapbar pickups, i actually don't know what wood the bass is made out of, you can judge from the pictures. 

There is some scuffing on the bass so I have taken pictures of the areas.  It is mostly on both sides of the top pickup.  The scuffing on one side is from the slapping/strumming I have done with this bass, over time the wood just wears down.  The other side comes from just resting my thumb there for long periods of time and if my nail was too long it would dig into the wood at times.  There are other tiny scratches here and there but none of them are large enough to come out in a picture and are just general wear and tear knicks.  None of this affects the sound whatsoever, they are purely cosmetic. 

It comes with a hardshell case, one of the little balls that helps balance it while standing is missing, i took a picture of the area where it used to be.  It also comes with strap locks and a Ken Smith padded strap.  The alan wrench that adjusts the bridge saddles comes with it but i do not have the wrenc

Sold ! This bass is sold (sold on 2007-08-12)

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