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Modulus Quantum 5 Bass

Sold ! This bass is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-09-14)
Price : US $1,525.

Modulus Quantum 5 Bass Modulus Quantum 5 Bass Modulus Quantum 5 Bass Modulus Quantum 5 Bass Modulus Quantum 5 Bass

 Serial # 000365.......Modulus Quantum 5 Bass with the wide neck option......if you grew up playing a precision, this is the bass for you!  Perfect string spacing on a graphite neck that doesn't move....ever.  Once you adjust it to your playing style, it stays there.  I rarely have to tune it from the last time I took it out of the case.  It's a couple of years old, with two small nicks on the back bout that are too small to show up in the photos.......I custom-ordered it with the wide neck option and gold hardware, but the gold bridge started to flake after a couple of months, so Modulus sent me a full set of chrome hardware at no charge,  which is what is on the bass now, but you'll receive the full set of gold hardware with the bass.  It also will ship to you in the Modulus hard shell case it came to me in.  It has the factory 18 volt preamp with the sweepable mid/boost cut option, and will give you any tone you want.  I've used it on a handful of gigs, then primarily in the studio for the last year or so........everyone that hears it remarks on it's clarity through the board and onto a's been borrowed by a few session players at Reflection Sound here in Charlotte, and it's reputation as a recording bass is well known.  It plays like butter, and I've always liked low action, and it doesn't buzz, and the B string is stout!   As you can see, the bass is stunning.......under the lights on stage, it's an eye-catcher...especially for all the other bass players who come to see you! &n

Sold ! This bass is sold (sold on 2007-09-14)

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