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Vintage 1960's Vox Phantom IV Bass

Sold ! This bass is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-09-14)
Price : US $1,780.

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Playing and collecting since 1960's, and now it's time to let them all go. Of many basses, I just loved this this one. Vintage classic Phantom IV with serial number 237xxx that knowledgable collectors tell me dates to approximately 1966. 100% original and complete, with the only modification being the thumb rest that was moved to the current position (see photos). You'll absolutely love this full scale neck that is very fast with no visible wear on the back, low action, virtually no fret wear, no dead or buzzy spots anywhere, and straight as an arrow. The handfeel is absolutely incredible, and it's one of the best necks that I've ever played. Just look at the pictures of the finish. Only one small finish chip on the rear of the headstock (does not extend into the instrument), and magnificent golden yellow tigerstriping along the entire back of the neck. The sound is an absolute killer, with factory stock, single pole extended-range pickups providing ringing tones with solid punch (think of 60's Fender pickups on steroids). Yes that's right. I've owned many 50's and 60's Fenders and I've always found the tone from this bass to blow them all away. And don't get me wrong, I absolutely love everything about vintage Fenders. I just happen to think that this is a superior instrument to any 60's PBass or JBass. The body finish remains in remarkably good condition, with very limited finish checking, no dings or gouges, no belt rash, and for that matte

Sold ! This bass is sold (sold on 2007-09-14)

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