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Early 80's G&L L1000 Bass

Sold ! This bass is no longer for sale (sold on 2007-09-28)
Price : US $577.89

Early 80 Early 80 Early 80 Early 80

  G&L starting making guitars and basses around 1980. This bass is either from 1980 or 1981. The way you can tell is by the headstock. Fender actually sued G&L (meaning they sued founder Leo Fender), because they said that he was copying the headstocks of their basses, explaining why G&L's have such funky headstocks today. Actually, if you look at this headstock it says 'patent pending' on it, which I thought was pretty neat.

Anyway onto the rest of the bass...

This bass sounds great. It's possibly one of the most aggressive sounding basses I've heard. But it also has quite a wide variety of sound options. It has a 3-way switch to switch between the full humbucker, or you coil-tap it to a single coil, and the third position provides a bass boost for the single coil. And there it even a knob to control the amount of boost you want! If you turn the knob all the way down it sounds just like it would if the switch were in the regular single coil position.
 The bass is in let's say predictable condition for being over 25 years old. It's got chips and dings and belt scratches but really it only adds character to it. But the point is that it still plays really well, sounds incredible, and overall it gets the job done. I really hate to see it go, but I also really need the money :( Too many basses already!
 I'm selling this with a beat old peavey hardshell case that I got when I bought it. Once again it may not be perfect looking but it's job is to protect the bass and that's what it does.
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Sold ! This bass is sold (sold on 2007-09-28)

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