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5 string fretless bass gotoh bridge

Sold ! This bass is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-09-06)
Price : US $66.00

5 string fretless bass gotoh bridge 5 string fretless bass gotoh bridge 5 string fretless bass gotoh bridge 5 string fretless bass gotoh bridge

This is a 5 string fretless of dubious origin. I built it from various bits including a body and neck that may be a Titan but there are no labels or markings. In any case, it's from some third world country where the hardwoods are plentiful. The neck is maple or something like it with what appears to be a rosewood fingerboard. The tuning machines are from ''Mr. Chang's Pretty Good Machine Company''... no, not really. I have no idea who made them but they aren't half-bad. The bridge is worth more than all the rest as it is a fully adjustable Gotoh. The pickups were represented as 'Fender Jazz Lyte'. I'm not sure what that is exactly but they bear no markings, so I can't qualify that. This thing sounds nice and plays pretty darn good. The pots are volume and balance, no tone. The dots are off so don't depend on them for your intonation. I moved the bridge to bring them on target but then the pickups sounded mighty thin... hence the extra screw-holes in the body. I built this bass to find out if I really wanted a fretless 5 string, and so I do. I built another with good stuff from Warmoth and this one must now move on. Buy it for the parts, buy it for a spare, buy it to find out if fretless is cool. Feel free to ask questions.

Sold ! This bass is sold (sold on 2008-09-06)

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