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Fender Standard Jazz Bass (Cherry Red)

Sold ! This bass is no longer for sale (sold on 2009-05-04)
Price : US $310.00

Fender Standard Jazz Bass (Cherry Red) Fender Standard Jazz Bass (Cherry Red) Fender Standard Jazz Bass (Cherry Red)

This bass is a brand new bass, not even a year old. I've recently been playing in a band and we decided to throw me on guitar. Now that I'm not the bass player for this band, I don't have much need for it. This is a great bass to have for any kind of rock band,etc. The tone on this bass is great, and in mint condition! I almost don't wanna give it up but what's the use if its just gonna collect dust...
NOTE: This item doesn't have free shipping...
 Shipping cost will depend on how far you live. If interested, please contact me and I will be glad to have this item estimated for shipping cost. (I use UPS Store for estimates)
NOTE: If you live as far as California, shipping will cost up to  $56.00.
This is not a Squier.

Sold ! This bass is sold (sold on 2009-05-04)

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