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Kramer "DUKE" Headless Bass

Sold ! This bass is no longer for sale (sold on 2010-10-24)
Price : US $ 500

Kramer "DUKE" Headless Bass

Kramer aluminum neck headless bass

Sold ! This bass is sold (sold on 2010-10-24)

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Miked said...
I have one of these, also black. I've also seen a white one (I assume that's the original paint job) on eBay.

Leo said...
Is this bass original ?

keith furrow said...
i have 1 like this too i will sale ......400$

M Goatbe said...
Thanks, but I already have one, except mine says 'ALIEN' on it! I read that they were only painted red, but mine is black also, and yours is the second black one I've seen. Cool! theGoat