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Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Bass style by National Valco

Sold ! This bass is no longer for sale (sold on 2010-07-22)
Price : US $ 750.0

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Bass style by National Valco Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Bass style by National Valco Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Bass style by National Valco Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Bass style by National Valco Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Bass style by National Valco Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Bass style by National Valco Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Bass style by National Valco Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Bass style by National Valco Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Bass style by National Valco

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Bass Styled from National Valco


National Les Paul Deluxe Bass:

Excellent Condition Neck and Frets:

Neck View to Body:

Factory Production Serial Number & Rear Neck View:

This is an Old Vintage Guitar & Here's Some Normal Expected Scratches & Dings on Rear of Body:

Notice the Triple Binding and Mother of Pearl Inlay found on premium guitars for the respective manufacturer's line:


The strings are long dead and need to be replaced. They're very loose on the guitar right now for taking pictures (see pix). I had to take them off to show the great condition frets in photos.

I got this guitar used in the 1980's. I didn't ask what owner the fellow was who I got it from, so I know nothing about it's history other than it's a great sounding and playing bass. Any scratches or dings it has are from the previous owner or owners. For example of my vintage Gibson basses, I own both Gibson SB-350 and Gibson Explorer bass guitars. Those guitars have nothing on this National bass in terms of tone or playability despite their higher price tags.

When I bought it a couple of decades plus ago; at that time I tuned the dead strings up just to get a feel for the sound as I remember. It was killer, so that's why I bought it initially. If it sounds this good with totally dead old strings, I can only imagine when the bass comes alive with new strings. The sound and vibe are there!

Well like many of the guitars I own (I have far, far too many LOL!), I purchased this bass with “good intentions” and just put it in my instrument storage area for the last two plus decades. I never got around to it or many others I purchased that I own...LOL! For example, I bought a vintage 1978 Gibson Les Paul Standard about 8-10 years ago from the original owner. I took off the strings to clean it about 8-10 years ago and I didn't string it until recently as I own similar vintage LP style guitars that I already had all set up. I only strung it, because a buddy nagged me and wanted to hear it. Go figure! I don't have any rhyme or reason to my collecting – it's just fun collecting them inexpensive or expensive! I'm obsessed with collecting instruments so whatever I buy next gets my temporary attention until the next one comes, unless I don't have anything already set up for a specific purpose. LOL!

The headstock has premium triple binding and mother of pearl inlay.

Tuning keys are individually sealed machine heads

Fret board appears to be rosewood.

Larger Size Dual Humbucking pickups provide a full nice sound. Principle reason why I bought this bass years ago.

Confortable truss-rod neck is adjustable and attached with four bolts.

The bass has an adjustable rosewood bridge (appears to be rosewood).

The bass is a short scale for faster fingering and playability as was the practice for many bands of all types to use in the 1960's and 1970's.

The approximate overall dimensions are 44” L x 13” W (lower bout width x 3” D and overall length of body is 17 3/4”.

The controls have Gibson style gold color knobs.

It is gold plated. Unfortunately the majority of gold has tarnished or is worn away.

Bass is all original to my knowledge. I did not want it refinished as that would take away from the “road worn” look it has. Heck, you buy new Fenders, etc. that are artificially “road worn” direct from the factory. Heck! This is the real deal!

The National Valco bass is circa 1970's is my best guess. I am not going to take apart the guitar to determine a specific production date from the electrical component “pot” codes, etc. I have a simple reason. The guitar works, so why take it apart? We're not talking a 1957 Fender Precision or 1961 Fender Jazz bass here where that issue would be critical for the $30,000 or so you are going to spend.

My best guess is that this is either U.S. Made or Japanese made as there is no visible stamping (other than a serial number on the neck plate). If Japanese made, then this would most likely be a 1970's “Lawsuit” higher quality guitar produced at a Japanese factory.


Cosmetics – you can see the finish has scratches and dings in the photos. Primarilly on the rear of the body. NONE OF THESE AFFECT the playability or electronics of the guitar (see pix). The guitar is actually in nice playable cosmetic condition for it's age despite the superficial cosmetics. There is one chip in the body rear white binding (not front okay) on the upper bass bout (see pix).

Frets – The frets have some wear, but are still in excellent condition for being probably 30+ to 40 years old (see pix). The guitar does not need the frets replaced.

Tuning Keys – The tuning keys appear to be original. The “G” tuning key will need to be repaired as it does not really move or bring a string to tension at all. See the loose “G” string in the photos as I was not able to bring any tension on it using the tuning key needing repair. You have two choices: (1) take the key apart and repair it; or (2) put a new set of tuning keys on the guitar.

Neck & Nut – The neck is a fast, smooth, very playable neck in good condition. The nut is in good condition as well. (see pix)

Electronics – The larger size Humbucking pickups and controls work after sitting all those years. I tested them prior to listing this guitar. Controls should be cleaned with contact cleaner if that bothers you.


I do not have an extra solid hardshell case that fits to ship this guitar in; in order to protect the guitar better in shipping. You have two options/choices to protect the bass you purchased so that it may be shipped:

(1) You can have me buy (on your behalf) an inexpensive hard shell case at a music store to ship the guitar in (I'll email you a scanned copy of the receipt for your verification, so you know what I paid so you can reimburse me for the case). An excellent Polyfoam lightweight hard case can be purchased from Guitar Center for $59.99 plus sales tax. Actually they're pretty cool; you'd want one anyways IMHO.

(2) Or send me one of your hardshell cases that will fit for shipping the guitar that will be used to ship the bass guitar in and boxed back to you. You can order one you prefer off the web too and have it sent to me if that is your wish so I send your new vintage guitar to you.

Sold ! This bass is sold (sold on 2010-07-22)

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