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Oly White Burst MIA Jazz Bass

Sold ! This bass is no longer for sale (sold on 2011-01-24)
Price : US $ 975

Oly White Burst  MIA Jazz Bass

It started as a 1995 MIA Fender American Standard Jazz 4, which was black.

The body was sent to Michael Dolan of Dolan Guitars to be stripped and painted "Olympic White Burst". He used to work for Alembic, and the body came back painted absolutely perfect.

Next, shielded the cavities with three coats of Electro-Dag conductive paint, another Alembic-inspired thing. Into the cavities went a new set of SD Antiquity II's, wired and soldered as neatly and solidly as you'll ever see them.

Then Jeannies made a pickguard of the same material that Sadowsky uses, which is tortoise. I just like their tortoise color better than anyone elses. It is unique.

Lastly, Mike Lull hand-dressed the frets, leveling and rounding them, by hand, not using his PLEK machine. He also set it up when completed.

It looks somewhat vintage and sounds quite vintage nailing that 60's Jazz tone without any hum.

So, one really great, 8.6 lb, MIA Jazz with rosewood fretboard in excellent condition, with a new-bass smell every time you open the Fender hard shell case.

Sold ! This bass is sold (sold on 2011-01-24)

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Hawk said...
I\'ve contacted you twice about buying this bass. No reply. Do you want to sell it?