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1965 Fender P Bass

Sold ! This bass is no longer for sale (sold on 2011-01-30)
Price : US $ 3600

1965 Fender P Bass 1965 Fender P Bass 1965 Fender P Bass 1965 Fender P Bass

Leo Fender had it right. While the new basses are more high fidelity, audiences love this bass than all others because of the very solid fundamental.

It is an incredibly great playing Swamp Ash P bass with the original pickup. It has the best fundamental of any bass.

A great improvement came with

Thomastic Jazz Flat Wound Strings.

Finally, a flat wound string that sings and has good sustain.

In the 70s (pre fret job) I did a lot of show work as well as gigs using Rotosounds and the beast roared, still with the big fundamental.

It has been altered, actually improved. While it's silly to me, I reduced it several thousand dollars below book value.

This is a player's bass, not a show piece.

It was professionally refinished with a clear coat for the beautiful wood. Much better than white paint.

The bridge was upgraded to the more massive Bad Ass bridge which adds sustain and fundamental.

The pots were replaced over time with aircraft pots.

And, since this is a player's bass, a beautiful fret job.

I worked my way through college on this bass and played many gigs. I'm new here but in Florida I played with a 18 piece jazz band for 12 years. While I usually played upright, often I brought my Fender P instead and the solid fundamental, espeically with Thomastic Flatwound Jazz Strings always got great comments from fellow players and from the audience.

So, while it's been altered, the pickup, design, and parts were pre-CBS as this was the first CBS year.

There are many pictures of it at

It's not letting me download photos here.

Sold ! This bass is sold (sold on 2011-01-30)

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